Thursday, 27 October 2011


Firstly, I apologise for my absence, it has been a rather hectic month to say the least.  

I am STILL on crutches, after my MRI I went back and saw my specialist and I had indeed damaged my anterior ligaments pretty badly, so I spent 3 weeks in plaster.  I'm now still recuperating and although things seem to be improving, I'm still on crutches, going to see my specialist again next week, and I'm hoping for some good news!  Although I have canceled my Christmas snowboarding holiday as I don't think I'll be strong enough for that for some time. 

Uni is going really well, the project I was involved with over the summer has progressed and I'm still really enjoying working towards it.  I have an essay due soon so I'm working hard for that and I'm making my notes ready for my exam in January.  My better half is currently working hard on an essay too, so our home life currently consists of note making with candles and a brief pause for dinner.  

It has been a busy old month and I'm hoping that things will be easier once I can actually walk around again - I haven't been able to volunteer due to health and safety which has been ridiculously frustrating.  Fingers crossed it'll all be back to business as usual soon!

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