Friday, 16 October 2015


So I took the UKCAT, I predicted a score of 650 band 1 or 2. I was wrong...I got 697.5 and Band 2. I'm really happy with it even though it meant I couldn't apply for GEM courses it did mean I could apply to 5 year courses. I got 710 on the year the UKCAT was inflated. I was in the 9th centile this time so I can't complain! 

The exam was horrible, absolutely awful, in fact the least stressful section was QR (I HATE maths so this should tell you something). I had predicted I would score from highest to lowest:
1. DA
2. VR
3. AR
4. QR

It ended up being:
1. DA
2. QR (I know!!!!!)
3. AR
4. VR

I have no idea what went wrong with the VR I felt it was ambiguous, but I've never had a problem with that before at all so its a bit of a shame as had that been a little higher I would have made the 700 mark for Warwick. I literally managed to finish just in time on each of the sections apart from DA and SJT where I had time to spare. But hey, its done now! 

I submitted my UCAS and right up until I pressed send I still wasn't sure where I was going to apply as I really liked 7 courses! But I finally managed to make my decisions! Like I said all 5 year courses, and I'm not going to reveal where as I would like to stay anon for as long as possible! 

But yes, so now we wait....and I get working on Chem A level and GAMSAT in case I don't get any offers this time around!!! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this! You're all for the next 6 months if you could all keep your fingers permanently crossed for me that would be perfect! 

Friday, 2 October 2015


I've entered myself for the UKCAT this cycle fully expecting it to go badly. My practice scores are so up and down it is impossible to tell what my average truly is and I am aware that I am frankly not very good at the exam. But I am more nervous time time than any other (I have taken it twice before). I think it is because I have decided that there isn't really an alternative career that I will be happy in other than medicine which although I know this year it is unlikely to happen for me feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders! 

My VR (should be my best section) because of the larger proportion of comprehension questions rather than true, false, can't tell seems to be an issue. I am not absorbing the necessary information quickly enough. My QR is as always average - I tend to get the questions right now at least 65-70% of the time, but time is the enemy here and I do run out of it as my maths is painfully slow. AR is always pot luck for me, I usually find a pattern, different to the ones the various resources want me to find, but still a pattern regardless, 60-65%. DA last time was amazing I had 860, this time I'm right only 70% of the time which is a shame as it was DA that bumped my score up last time, I'm not altogether too sure why this is happening either which is frustrating as I can't fix it! I'm not too worried about SJT, on the one resource it isn't going well but the Unis I think I will be applying to don't really look at it and I had band 1 last time so I'm hoping I'll manage a Band 1/2 this time around.  But all in all, I don't think I can achieve the same mark I had last time and I'm predicting a 650 or there abouts, but we will see. 

Why can't we go back to how it was when I was a 6th former, A levels, interview off you go! These tests are so hard to get right!!!! 

Keep everything crossed for me.... I will update with whatever news I have to share, lets hope it is positive. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Volunteer Training Days Booked

Feeling really excited now - I've had confirmation for the two training days for my new voluntary placements at a local hospital! Both have direct patient contact and will be very different from each other, one is working with all patients from all walks of life and the other is specifically with patients with dementia. I am equally excited about both as I think I will learn a lot from them and they will really help me on my re-ignited journey towards medicine. 

I really enjoy volunteering and I am so lucky to have had all sorts of volunteering and work experience to talk about should I ever be lucky enough to get an interview! One of my choices specifies the time line but hopefully the volunteering training confirmation today means that after the training I can get started to meet the quota in recent times. I'm also waiting to hear back from a really exciting work experience/shadowing placement in a specialty I have never experienced before so I'm really hoping I get to do that too! 

I had forgotten how arduous preparing for the UKCAT was, but I keep reminding myself that this is going to have to happen quite a few times potentially, especially seen as my mock scores seem much lower than the last time I took the UKCAT. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a smooth run to med school and I'm still hoping I will eventually make it!!!  If I lose my path again, please all feel free to poke me and remind me that I really do not want to do anything else. 

More positive steps in the right direction today for sure! 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Thank you for your support

Firstly, my last blog post had the most views any blog post I have ever written has had before! I have no idea why specifically, but the kindness I have been shown on twitter since deciding not to give up on medicine has been unreal. I feel very blessed to have such support from strangers and virtual friends - so thank you all so much. 

My other half is pleased I have decided to keep going with my dream, not least because I will now watch Grey's Anatomy again i'm sure, but because I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am subsequently so much happier. Even if I don't make it for 2016 entry, I actually have plans in place to keep going until I finally learn how to do well in the UKCAT(!!!). I'm a lot more optimistic about the future and although I know this is going to be a tough year to get back into the medical state of mind in time for the exams, to afford the exams, the a level entrance fees etc whilst still finding time to volunteer, it is totally worth it to feel like me again. 

If I don't get to be a doctor in the end then I want to sit back and know I gave it my all for a prolonged period of time! In the meantime I am trying so hard to work on my maths for the QR section as it was my weakest section last time. Overall a couple of things seem different about the UKCAT this time around, but I am giving it a good go, using various prep materials. 

This blog was mainly to serve as a thank you for your support and to say that I am making progress in not being stuck in the eternal graduate-not a medic limbo I seem to have found myself in. So, thank you! I will try to keep this updated with my ramblings and let you all know how I'm getting on! 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Didn't quite make it

Firstly my apologies for going awol. After deciding to give medicine another go, things went upside down health wise which prompted me to rethink. But I'm back on track now, still trying to get into medical school. 

I am taking the UKCAT soon, however I am not anticipating a good score, I've been using online practice materials (not official ones yet they're for closer to exam day) and frustratingly my scores seem lower than the last time I attempted it. I still have some time so you never know. However, some may know I have children and they are in the middle of exams etc so it won't be the end of the world if I have to wait until 2017 despite how much I just want to get on with it now! 

I am going to be doing my A level Chemistry as a private student to broaden my options too and I am volunteering at the local hospital. Everything is ticking over slowly, I just don't seem to be getting anywhere! Stuck in eternal limbo between being a graduate and medical student. Still hoping I will make it, not being entirely sure if I am capable anymore, but still praying for my break. 

But yes, I'm still here. Still trying to balance my family and life commitments around trying to realise my ambitions! Hope you're all well! Sorry again for the absence - going to get this blog going again!!! <3