Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Essay finished!

Well, I really enjoyed reading for that essay, however, writing it, not so much.  I probably wrote about 10,000 words in total and then deleted them time and time again.  I became very frustrated with myself and my lack of clarity towards the end and I was very glad to finally hand it in yesterday.  I can now get on with the second part of the very exciting project I was involved in during the summer holidays.  

I am managing to drive short distances, but I can only drive one of our cars, I don't have enough strength to drive the other as it is a 4x4 which is mildly irritating as I do rather enjoy driving that car, but I'm sure I'll be able to in time.  Physio is really annoying, always hurts afterwards and I'm relatively sure my physio forgets that I'm not particularly fit these days, hey ho, it must be doing some good as I only seem to limp when it is cold now or I've been walking for a while.  I'm just so grateful to be back on two legs. 

I'm still sending out volunteering applications as I wasn't able to do any of my placements during the summer, stressing slightly that this will reduce my chances of getting into medical school, but keeping my fingers firmly crossed that it won't.  Lovely sunny day here, but I'm happily inside working (now my essay is over and done with!) no more to hand in until the new year, although I already have lots of reading ready for the next one.  

I'm really looking forward to Christmas already this year, we're going to put the Christmas decorations up later so we'll be feeling all festive.  After my mum died I really started to hate Christmas, but since meeting and marrying my other half, it is all exciting and fun again!  Hope you're not all working too hard, and you're enjoying Christmas shopping.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

I can walk again!

Finally as of Wednesday I have been walking around without my crutches!  I'm still pretty slow, and I have a limp mainly due to the fact that I can't stretch my ankle enough to have a regular walking stance yet, however, I am having physio on it so, so far so good.  It still feels pretty weak and if I walking too far or over stretch it is a little sore but the improvement is massive.  

We haven't had many Uni lectures over the last 3 weeks or so, and to be honest I really don't like these long gaps in my timetable.  However, at least now I can walk I can volunteer once we break up for the Christmas holidays which will be great.  I've been anxious to get on with some volunteering for quite some time now.   I'm busy writing my essay, with another 3 weeks remaining until it is due.  The essay is a topic I'm really interested in so it isn't a chore doing my reading for it - always a positive.

I also became an Auntie again this week - I have the most beautiful nephew ever!  We're all absolutely smitten with him of course - all in all, a lovely couple of weeks.