Friday, 16 October 2015


So I took the UKCAT, I predicted a score of 650 band 1 or 2. I was wrong...I got 697.5 and Band 2. I'm really happy with it even though it meant I couldn't apply for GEM courses it did mean I could apply to 5 year courses. I got 710 on the year the UKCAT was inflated. I was in the 9th centile this time so I can't complain! 

The exam was horrible, absolutely awful, in fact the least stressful section was QR (I HATE maths so this should tell you something). I had predicted I would score from highest to lowest:
1. DA
2. VR
3. AR
4. QR

It ended up being:
1. DA
2. QR (I know!!!!!)
3. AR
4. VR

I have no idea what went wrong with the VR I felt it was ambiguous, but I've never had a problem with that before at all so its a bit of a shame as had that been a little higher I would have made the 700 mark for Warwick. I literally managed to finish just in time on each of the sections apart from DA and SJT where I had time to spare. But hey, its done now! 

I submitted my UCAS and right up until I pressed send I still wasn't sure where I was going to apply as I really liked 7 courses! But I finally managed to make my decisions! Like I said all 5 year courses, and I'm not going to reveal where as I would like to stay anon for as long as possible! 

But yes, so now we wait....and I get working on Chem A level and GAMSAT in case I don't get any offers this time around!!! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this! You're all for the next 6 months if you could all keep your fingers permanently crossed for me that would be perfect! 


  1. Not revealing sorry I want to stay anon :)

  2. Fair enough :P I'm want to stay fairly anonymous too, but I'd be really interested to know which other grads are applying for the Durham 5 year course as well, could you stretch to that? ;)

  3. I didn't apply to Durham. Good luck with your application.