Wednesday, 21 September 2011


As I mentioned previously in an earlier blog post, I'm accident prone!  I hurt my ankle nearly a month ago, thinking I'd be driving a few days later, yet I'm still on crutches!  It turns out I've got to have an MRI to see which ligament I've torn, which is mildly frustrating to say the least, however my Orthopedic Surgeon is hopeful it won't require surgery and can be treated with injections so fingers crossed!  I shall find out the result next week.  I really need this fixed asap as I start uni again in 9 days time, and I really really need to be able to drive!

As I can't walk unaided, and I can't drive or do anything, I've been doing lots of reading which is great, getting myself ready for next term, and also working on developing the project I was involved in over the summer which I'm really excited about.  As I haven't been able to start my voluntary placement on time due to my ankle being able to develop the project has really made my week.  

I really can't wait to start my 2nd year!  My partner (who is studying part time) has already started working so we're getting back into our usual pattern that we established last year, I also noticed that when we woke up this morning it was still dark!  I don't mind this as I'm quite a big fan of winter these days but I really don't like the rain, so I'm kind of hoping for a frosty, dry, winter this year - although I doubt we'll be so lucky! 

I hope you're all having a good week, whatever it is you're doing!


  1. Ooh, sounds horrible, get better soon. And good luck with second year! I read some of your earlier posts, it all sounds very familiar to what I went through. Let us know how it all goes :)

  2. Thank you, I really can't wait for my second year to start! I will certainly keep you updated as the year goes by! Thanks again.