Friday, 3 June 2011

First Year Over!

Well, rather bizarrely I've finished my first year (results pending!) of my BSc.  I didn't think I'd feel anything aside from relief, but I have to be honest I'm going to miss going to lectures.  The one thing I do find frustrating about the University system here in the UK is the long holidays; I'll be off for 4 months.  Whilst I am going to utilise this time to the best of my ability, with volunteer work, work experience etc and of course reading in preparation for next year, I can't help wishing for shorter holidays, or perhaps that is just my student loan talking, if the holidays were not quite so substantial maybe degrees could be completed in just over 2 years instead of the standard 3...

That said, it has been a demanding year for me, a new experience, and has completely driven home to me just how much I want to study medicine when I graduate - scarily only 2 years from now!  So essentially I shall be spending the next 4 months working towards that goal, which may not sound as exciting as jet-setting around the world, but I think personally for me, it is something I'd much rather be doing (although I do have a 2 week holiday abroad thrown into the middle of it). 

For now, this weekend, whilst the sun is shining and the sky is blue, I am going to go walking with my camera and my family - one of my favourite things in the world to do. I am also going to read for pleasure - something I have not done since September!!  I know, I'm not particularly rock and roll - small pleasures. 


  1. I agree, it's the small things that count. Reading for pleasure is top of my list for this summer as well :)

  2. I absolutely love reading, I've missed it!