Saturday, 18 June 2011

Normal Service Will Hopefully Resume Shortly...

So, it seems that I was mistaken, my kidney was sore, however that wasn't what was causing me pain.  I'm still in pain.  I went to the doctor at the start of last week, my dr thought it might be a water infection and gave me EVIL antibiotics, which didn't help at all.  I went back and was told by another doctor that I don't have a water infection, and I've had blood tests to see if I've got gastritis.

I get my blood test results back on Monday, hopefully it will be conclusive as I don't really know what happens if they're not...

I miss eating properly and drinking coffee so hopefully won't be in pain for much longer!  You'd think that after exams I'd be happy to lie down all day doing nothing, the answer is a big fat NO!  I'm ridiculously bored and I've had to cancel a week of plans... I have plans next week too so I have to get it fixed!!!! 

Fingers crossed I can get it fixed soon, ironically I'm an awful patient!  

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