Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Not as straightforward as it seemed

If you've been following my blog at all then you'll be aware that I'm not going to medical school next year.  I was pretty annoyed about the UKCAT, but I dealt with that and started looking at Postgraduate plans.  However, what I didn't account for is my friends applying for medicine this year, although I don't think some of them meet the cutoffs for the Universities they've applied for, I'm still finding it pretty tough the idea of them all starting their medicine journeys in 2013 and me being left behind.  This isn't the first time this is happening for me, I chose not to go into medicine straight from school and due to my age I'm now seeing my friends become specialists whereas I'm still trying to get my foot in the door.  I don't regret the path I've taken, I think now is the right time for me to consider medicine and I'm grateful I have other life experience behind me and I think it will stand me in good stead with appreciating just how lucky I would be to have a career in medicine.  I'm not doubting that medicine is a really difficult career, I can tell that just from my work experience placements, but the benefits certainly seem to outweigh the negatives and I think some of my friends who are my age don't appreciate it in the same way I will if I finally get there.

So onto my new plan A, my Masters.  What I didn't factor into the equation is that my other half is also planning on becoming a full time student next year, which sounds great, we've chosen locations which mean that I can apply for medicine the year after etc, but we forgot one key issue....money.  I won't be getting any funding for a taught masters, and nor will I be getting a maintenance loan for the year.  So not only will I be spending the few months applying for masters degrees, selling our house and hopefully finding somewhere really nice to live, we'll also be looking for part time jobs for both of us once we've moved! We hadn't planned on having to work part time whilst we studied and it is very very likely that I'm going to be having my ankle surgery during my summer break after I graduate so I'm really hoping that will be fixed before I start my course and job.  

I've planned for 3 years for what would happen at the end of it, and although my plan A/B is a perfectly good plan B, deep down it wasn't what I was hoping would happen I don't think. I'm sort of sad coming to terms with the whole waiting at least another year to start medicine.  However, I need to tell myself to stop moping and to get on with my uni work and GAMSAT revision ready for March!  I'm reading lots, but it doesn't feel like my "work mode" has truly kicked back in since I messed up the UKCAT!  I'll snap out of it, everyone has to fail something in their life I guess, its just never happened to me before - silly I know.  I just really really want a future in medicine, I won't give up, but I am still sulking a little bit I'm afraid to admit!  

Anyway, I'm going to get on with some uni work and write my personal statement for my MSc application!  Onwards and upwards as they say!


  1. You definitely have the right attitude and outlook. Don't sweat it, I'm applying 2nd time round, boy it's been a long journey but it feels good this year.
    One point, I looked at masters degrees a few years back and noticed there was some funding for some like scholarships, there are some from scientific research councils, I forgot the acronyms but you can look this up, might be worth a shot!

    I know exactly how you feel. I applied last year and didn't even get interviews cos my GAMSAT was too low and same for UKCAT. It was the first time I had properly messed something up.. However I definitely feel it has been good for me so hopefully the same will happen for you in your next year!
    Just keep doing what you're doing and concentrate on your priorities. Put the effort in for gamsat. UKCAT you're bound to do better next year just for going through the process once before.
    Wish you the best of luck!

    1. Aw thank you. I do feel really sad about not applying this year, but I'm going to try my best to make this year really useful and hopefully manage to be accepted onto an MSc! I shall look into the funding though, thank you.
      I wish you lots of luck too! Hope to hear that you have lots of offers this year! :)

  2. I love your blog. It's inspiring.
    :) It's your enthusiasm.

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